28 Literature Cocktail Names

Throwing a Book party? Want to give your cocktails that splash of literature twist?

Here is a list of suggested names for Literature Cocktails…


4-CocktailBlood Mary-dian

Scotch Fizz-gerald

The Last of the Mojitos

The Catcher in the Double Rye

For Whom the Bellini Tolls

Sidecar Named Desire

Tequila Mockingbird

3-CocktailThe Old (Fashioned) Man and The Sea

Turning of the Screwdriver

Tequila Sun Also Rises

Master & Margarita

The Old Fashioned Curiosity Shop

Treasure Island Ice Tea

Castle On The Rocks

Tristram’s Shandy

Legolas and Gimlet1-Cocktail



Pitcher of Dorian Grey-Goose


Tropic of Curacao

Sangria for Solomon 

Invisible Manhattan 

Of Martinis And Men 2-Cocktail

The Bellini Jar 

The Metamartini 

The Sound And The Fizz 

Middlesex on the Beach 






Have a great Literature cocktail name? Put in the comments below… 




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