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Our Crew


Regina Kenney (Editor-in-Chief, Writer) currently resides in Dublin where she bumbles her way through streets attempting to look like she knows where she is going.

Her accomplishments include owning 30 different varieties of tea (due to a chronic anxiety of hosting Irish guests) and is the proud owner of over 100 Pokémon.

Current projects include finishing The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes and getting over the fear that a monster will grab her foot in the middle of the night if it is not covered by a blanket.


Lee Cross (writer) is an English ex-pat, currently living and reading in Dublin, Ireland. Having studied many subjects as a younger fool, he now spends his mid-thirties pleasantly surprised by life’s continual revelation of his ignorance. A semi-professional raconteur (see also: bullshit artist) of some note, his hobbies include; tackling the crossword over coffee, writing comedic fiction and reading.

It’s his fondest wish is to retire with his books to a small cottage beside a choppy sea, with a scruffy dog named Columbo and a wood burning fire.

Lee’s Blog Roll: Leopold Broom Investigates 


Davy Kenney (Cartoonist/Writer) is a man you don’t meet every day.

Liam Kenney
 (Cartoonist/Writer) is a millennial currently putting his Literature degree (with a Minor in Creative Writing) to good use by sleeping on whatever friend’s, family’s, or casual acquaintance’s couch that he can. If and when his degree doesn’t come into good use, he always has his guitar playing to fall back on.

Special skills include staying up until the rooster crows while watching a Wes Anderson filman encyclopedic knowledge of all things Beatle related, and the ability to survive on only Ramen.

Current projects include reading all of the books he should have read in school, and discovering which boxed wine is best.