28 Literature Cocktail Names

Throwing a Book party? Want to give your cocktails that splash of literature twist? Here is a list of suggested names for Literature Cocktails...   Blood Mary-dian Scotch Fizz-gerald The Last of the Mojitos The Catcher in the Double Rye For Whom the Bellini Tolls Sidecar Named Desire Tequila Mockingbird The Old (Fashioned) Man and … Continue reading 28 Literature Cocktail Names

5 Great Poems About Drinking

Here are 5 great poems about drinking for a Saturday night. [Collected by Regina Kenney] Get Drunk  by Charles Baudelaire Always be drunk. That's it. The great imperative. In order not to feel the horrible burden of Time bruise your shoulders, grinding you into the earth, Get drunk and stay drunk.  But on what? On wine, … Continue reading 5 Great Poems About Drinking