Leopold Broom Investigates: Short Musing on Whether Reading Makes You Smarter

by Lee Cross

There’s this commonly held idea, mostly amongst non-readers (by far the most commonly occurring group I find), that reading makes you smart, or perhaps smarter.

Honestly, I’ve never believed this to be true – seriously. Of course, reading books can make smarter, but it all depends on which books you prefer to read… in much the same way as watching television can make you smarter, if you watch the appropriate programming. TV is probably a quicker method to intelligence because audio-visual seems to be the way that our minds prefer to assimilate data.

I suppose what I find weird about people who think that reading is good for the intellect, that it doesn’t encourage them to try doing it more often; that just seems a little odd to me.

Like if you knew (or at least thought you did), how to turn lead into gold; why wouldn’t you do it?

That’s pretty much the blog. I’m just going to have a cup of tea and some toast now.


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