Book Review: The Dice Man

by Lee Cross I don’t like to use my blog to just write book reviews, for one thing I’m not the best voice on Literati Pulp for doing so, but mainly it’s because I’m interested in what books are about, and not just whatbooksareabout. …which brings me to Luke Rhinehart and The Dice Man. Everything … Continue reading Book Review: The Dice Man


Leopold Broom Investigates: Novels & Video Games

by Lee Cross They say - “…a picture paints a thousand words…” “the book is always better…” “…give a thousand Monkeys a thousand typewriters, and I’ll give you a masterpiece…” …They, those mysterious others, say a lot of things; but what will be said tomorrow about the relationship between the worlds of writing and gaming? … Continue reading Leopold Broom Investigates: Novels & Video Games