An Idiot’s Predictions of What ‘Game of Thrones’ is About

by Regina Kenney

I have not read Game of Thrones. I have not seen the TV Show Game of Thrones.
But I did play Game of Thrones: The Board Game.

Here are my predictions on what Game of Thrones book series is about, based off the board game.



1. Everyone is angry all the time.

2. Somehow a Raven is very important and gives secret powers.

3. There are like… 8 different plots going on at once.

4. The ‘Wildings’ are ‘like the Scots.’ (The words of the Brits I was playing with, not mine.) 

5. It’s loooooooooong. (Game took us 3 hours and 10 minutes)

6.  Two of the players spent the whole game warring with each other, and then lost. I bet this happens in the books… 

7. The person who has the metal demon-like throne rules the land.

8. You have to make aliances, and then screw people over the last minute before they screw you.img_2584

9. When you have to work together for a common cause, no one works together (and the ones that do, again, get screwed).

10. If you are too strong you become a target.

11. Raid! Muster! Raid again! And Muster again! 

12. The players that focused exclusively on revenge, lost. 

13. Fun, thrilling, intriguing, but a HUGE time committment. 


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