How To Find Wilkie Collins’ Grave in Kensal Green Cemetery

by Regina Kenney

When I first set out to see some famous writer’s tombstones for our #LiteratureGraves weekend, I thought I’d stroll in the cemetery, take a quick photo, and stroll out to the next site.

Boy, did I find out how wrong I was on my first stop to Kensal Green Cemetary trying to find Wilkie Collins’ grave.

Kensal Green Cemetery is massive.

I could not find a map or any main office. I started roaming around the cemetery, becoming more and more discouraged that I will ever find the grave.

So what does a modern woman do when lost in a graveyard? Google.

IMG_2349.JPGThe internet has rarely let me down, but wow, did it let me down this time.

I could not find any map of the cemetery. The only directions I could find was a description of the tombstone (“non-descript, plain cross”… thanks, Wilkie.) and a tour site which only said “Backtrack past Blondin’s grave and just before the two large mausoleums on the left, turn left down the narrow grass path, where a little after half way along on the left is the grave.”

Ironically, PokemonGo offered the most help because it had Pokestops at famous graves. Unfortunately, Wilkie Collins was not a Pokestop.

I spent about two hours trying to find it. Discouraged, I started to leave when I came upon the one other person in the graveyard, who knew where Wilkie Collins was buried (bless that man).

So this blog is for someone trying to find Wilkie Collins grave in Kensal Green Cemetery. I realize this isn’t going to be a widely-used blog, but if I can help ONE person it will be worth it.

Step One: Enter the Cemetary from the main entrance. 


Step Two: Take the first right, down the major path.


The path should look like the above – with the white columns at the end.


Here is what the path looks like when you walk in and turn right — take the RIGHT path, with the columns at the end.

Step Three: Walk all the way down to the white column, walk through the building.


Step Four: When you come out the other side, there will be a main  path in front of you. Walk down that path. 


Step Five: Take the first right, between the two shed-like structures.



Step Six: About 4 (possibly 5) graves in, Wilkie Collin’s Grave is on the left. 



5 thoughts on “How To Find Wilkie Collins’ Grave in Kensal Green Cemetery

  1. Charles Perry says:

    I didn’t need the blog to help me find his marker but I did enjoy the walking tour through the cemetery to Collins’ grave. Thank you.


  2. Shane says:

    Brilliant instructions !!!

    Only change is that the grave is more like 7 or 8 graves down but otherwise thank you so much for taking the time to post your guidance.


  3. Layne says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to locate directions within the cemetery forever now! I did manage to find two maps, some with names for the various roads and quadrant numbers, but no mention of who was buried in each quadrant. Your walking directions will make my trek so much easier!

    Liked by 1 person

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