4 Great Books To Read in Autumn

by Lee Cross

Selected winter reads for the dark nights in…

As the nights draw in and the sunshine disappears from Dublin for another year, I’ve picked out few book suggestions to tide you over until after the holiday season.

Each story contains darkness yet hope. Each is a journey of discovery to places you’re never completely sure you want to go.

Each will challenge you, like the winter itself.

(None were written by George R.R. Martin.)

the-lord-of-the-rings-book-coverThe Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

I can’t think of a better book about finding light through the dark than The Lord of the Rings, which is best described in its own words…

The story is that of an unexpected journey, questing against the dark Lord of the Rings… but you know the story… every knows the story… The Times once said that the western world was split into two parts; those who have read LOTR, and those who will.

Read it this winter, read it ever winter.

the_raw_shark_texts-book_coverThe Raw Shark Texts
 by Steven Hall

Do you like smart books? I’m not talking about reads where the authors got a couple of IQ points on you, I’m talking about books where you know there’s something going on just beyond your reach but you can’t ever grasp what that is?

The deepest darkness resides in the depths of your own mind, The Raw Shark Texts brings you face to face with that fact.

This book is clever, witty, confusing and as close too unique as you’re likely to ever read…

It is the story of the first Eric Sanderson…

700_largeThe Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

I am always AMAZED when people haven’t heard of The Master… It’s that good. I love it that much. My own copy, a ten-a-penny paperback edition, has been one of my prized possessions for many years. Just seeing it on my bookshelf brings a smile to my face.

The devil and a small cadre of his servants take up residence in Moscow and… well, you know that would be telling. Ask yourself this, in what shape does evil reside and are you sure you’d know it when you saw it?

Written during the time of Stalin, yet not published until after the Georgian was dead, that should tell you all you need to know about what this book is really about. It’s a personal favourite of mine and a widely acknowledged masterpiece.

This book and an open fire is my idea of a perfect evening in.

71k5lpa-5ilThe Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

I came into The Fountainhead completely nude, by which I mean I knew nothing of Any Rand, her motivations, opinions or style. Was I one of the lucky ones or did I fail to fully appreciate the depth of her most famous work… I’ll never know.

And now I’ve posed you a puzzler of your own, do you just pick it up and start reading as I did… or do you look into the undercurrents before accepting the challenge?

This is a meaty book, perfect for the cold winter months because it will change your perception on subjects far beyond those discussed on the page. I know a lot of people who disliked this book but none who’ve regretted taking the time to read it.

This book is about power and what that really is. There is no more intoxicating subject to read about.


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