October Read: ‘The Collector’ by John Fowles

by Regina Kenney

Preface: I am a slow reader. The last book I read took me about 9 weeks to finish. 

41tcmh8sucl-_sx325_bo1204203200_I picked up The Collector by John Fowles and read 140 pages the first night. Within pages, immediately had that beautiful ‘could-not-sleep-one-more-chapter’ reading motivation where you care more about the characters than getting an adequate amount of sleep.

This book is the ultimate page-turner.

The story follows a man who collects butterflies and then starts to entertain the idea of collecting a girl who he has been stalking for the last two years.

That is all I will tease about the plot. The beginning concepts of the book are reminiscent of Crime & Punishment as you are brought into the world of someone who has never done anything really bad before about to do something bad.

This will absolutely go on our Ultimate Halloween Book Shelf but for anyone who does not like the horror genre, I will say – the book is not very scary. It is psychologically thrilling and introduces concepts of the human psyche that might not be pleasant to explore, but you will not be up at night jumping at every noise after this book.


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