Books On Sunday

By Lee Cross

This Sunday I will mostly be reading the second half of Justin Cronin’s ‘The City Of Mirrors’ and drinking coffee…lots and lots of coffee.

17059277._SY540_If you don’t know who J.C. is and have 600 pages of spare time on your hand (come on, its Sunday, take a day – even God took the after by all accounts… ok, some accounts) – I’d recommend picking up his first book, ‘The Passage’. It’s a good spin on the viral apocalyptic story and reasonably light with it. Just think too, if it does tickle your fancy there’s two meaty sequels out there waiting on shelves to quench your thirst.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been genuinely surprised by how good the first half of ‘Mirrors’ has been!

Oh…and if you don’t know what coffee is… well, you’re dead to me… and I’d suggest catching an article on the Independent w/s – Coffee could be extinct by 2080!


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