The Changing Faces of Literature: A Tale of Two Bumblebees (Part Three)

by Lee Cross

(Read Part 1 and Part 2)

Davy [the man who produces all the amazing comics here] raised a point about how he now visualizes the characters from The Lord of the Rings – while he had clear images of them in his own mind pre-Peter Jackson, he feels those images have effectively been altered due to the actors who played the roles…

[Originally in the space I had some words (several hundred of them) giving my opinions on the LOTR movies… in short, they were negative, particular in regards to the casting, which is why I feel my own memories haven’t been affected.]

…Which brings me to the two Dumbledore’s because I loved Richard Harris portrayal. It was almost exactly as I saw the character, particularly as he seemed in The Philosophers Stone and The Chamber of Secrets (the two adaptations he filmed before, sadly, passing away).


Michael Gambon took on the role for the later movies, another great actor who I have nothing but respect for, and totally missed the mark; he just looked all wrong, he scowled too much and never smiled when he should.

Now thinking back, with Davy’s thoughts to mind, I wonder if Gambon’s portrayal disappointed me because he wasn’t true to my memories of the books, or because he wasn’t true to his predecessors performance.

[Neither man has changed my ‘two lines’, I’d speak of Dumbledore’s eyes “they’re old and young at same time, filled with hope, yet selflessly fearless”, with that being exactly what I think Mr Harries captured.]

I’ve read since that Rowling has stated that AB was Gay, which wasn’t something I never took from the character or it’s description (the way he looked) in the novels.

Honestly, I viewed the world of Hogwarts as a sexless and sexuality free environment, I know there’s relationships and love spoken of but to me they built around childlike innocence. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a series of children’s books, do kids have any concept of what homosexuality is? (aside from childish slurs)

When I see Dumbledore in my mind I don’t see a gay man, never did; yet JKR did… I’m close to veering off target (again) but the question should be asked; who’s opinion is more valid in instances such as these, the reader or the writer?

I suspect the answer might lay within; who is the better informed (another bloody question).

[I’m just going to leave that idea, and come back to it another time, as a blog of its own I think]

[end of part three]


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