October Review: Dracula’s Guest And Other Weird Stories

by Liam Kenney

A book review of Dracula’s Guest And Other Weird Stories by Bram Stoker

The important thing to know about these short stories is that only one of them actually involves a vampire- and even then only loosely.

draculasguestIf you love Dracula, and the book left you wanting more, I would highly suggest reading the short story Dracula’s Guest, but don’t expect too many new insights into the chief vampire. I discovered after reading the short story that scholars actually believe that it was originally in an early draft of Dracula, but was edited out.

If you’re looking for short stories that will satisfy your spooky craving, the And Other Weird Stories are for you. The stories are not connected thematically and they were published two years after Stoker’s death- but they all do send a feeling of unease as you read them.

Like Dracula, most of the stories bring you from the familiar life you know, down a path to where terror is always at the edge of the light. The stories deal with gypsies, demons, and torture chambers.

These are the ones I found to be the best, so I would start with one of these to see if this book is right for you-

“The Judge’s House”

“The Squaw”

“The Secret of the Growing Gold”

& “The Coming of Abel Behenna”


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