What Does Your Favorite Reading Spot Say About You?

by Kaley Ingenito

Be it an arm chair, public transit, in the bath, in bed, on the toilet, at a coffee shop or at a pub — what does your favorite reading spot say about your personality?

In an Arm Chair: The Creature of Comfort


You prioritize comfort over everything else, in work, in relationships, and in life, which makes you a generally happy and peaceful person.

You won’t compromise your own convictions for other people but would part ways so no one feels forced into doing what they don’t want to do.

You are a “people person” but keep others at enough of a distance- lest they interfere with the super comfy world you have softly knitted around yourself. You’re practical and unassuming and a good friend.

In the Bath: The Sex Pot



What could be sexier than reading naked?

You like red wine and aroma therapy and prefer your partner to have a foreign accent. You take pride in your physical appearance but it always looks effortless.

Yeah, you woke up like this. You’re not terribly practical but who cares! You have a warm, attractive personality that people are drawn to but you’re naturally a bit coy and difficult to impress. Everyone likes you and you like that everyone likes you.

On a Sunny Park Bench: The Hippy


Ah, the sun on your face, the smell of freshly cut grass, the vague sound of children’s laughter floating from the park in the distance. Being outdoors makes you feel more alive, more aware. Out of everyone on the list you are the most likely to own a poncho.You like all animals and at some point in your childhood wanted to grow up to be a dolphin. You are an open, honest person who seeks peace in personal relationships but will not compromise your convictions, even in difficult situations. You do you, man.

In Bed: The One Track Mind


You probably like to think of yourself as an “arm chair” type of person, but you have far more focus and drive than our friendly creatures of comfort.

You are an ambitious person who marches to the beat of your own drum. You’re passionate about your pursuits, which you mostly pursue alone. Which is not to say you are a loner.

When you are with friends you completely focus on them, which they love. Some people might be turned off by your intensity but don’t let it bother you. Your success will speak for itself.

On Public Transportation: The Utilitarian


Everyone needs at least one of these people in their life. You are smart, efficient, and well organized which makes you a highly sought after employee.

You’re probably the ‘mom’ of your friend group, often coordinating activities and keeping everyone in the loop. You are a good communicator, mostly because you don’s put up with bullshit. You are the most underappreciated of the readers, but your friends and family would be lost without you.

On the Toilet: The Multitasker




You have a quick mind and a great sense of humor. And not just toilet humor. You are more capable than others at operating on many different levels at the same time, which makes you creative and fun to be around.

You are a social butterfly like to keep things light in personal relationships. You prefer to take in information in small, quick, dense pieces- and where other people might miss the point, you loose nothing due to your sharp intellect. You are not easily frightened. You are a capable leader and your followers love you.

At the Bar: The Extrovert


You consider any activity vastly improved in the presence of good company. If you’re doing something alone, you practically beg to be interrupted for the sake of a good conversation. You love to share your life and experience with others, which makes you an ideal friend or travel companion.

Easily the best conversationalist on the list, you are fascinated by the diversity of humanity and have a hunger to understand all of it. Also, let’s face it, you’re a good time. All the time.

At the Coffee Shop: The People Watcher

Unlike our friend “at the bar”, you already understand people pretty well. Your great strength is your intuition and your gut feelings can almost be taken for stark truth. You can come off as a bit reserved but are happy to open up to the right people.

You’re equally comfortable alone or in a group setting and you have an uncompromising sense of self. There is a strength in you that others are drawn to but you don’t naturally gravitate toward positions of leadership. Your friends love your quiet composure and value your honesty.


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