Book Review: Piercing by Ryu Murakami

by Lee Cross

Book Review of Piercing by Ryu Murakami

414tqitqrol-_sy344_bo1204203200_So… you know how it usually takes you a few chapters to get into a book? – Well, don’t ask me how Ryu Murakami did it, but after a few chapters ‘Piercing’ managed to get into me. UInder my skin… Into my head… honestly, he had me itching all over a one point, the whole thing was sick.

The story is that of a man who decides, completely rationally, to gruesomely murder a prostitute in lieu of burying an ice-pick into his new-born baby… Right there – BOOM! Page one! After that; well there’s, schizophrenia, disassociation, retardation, perverse sadomasochism, and many more psychological disorders than I can name.

The way the text seamlessly flows from one mind into another and then back again, adds to your own growing feel of psychosis and by the end you are more involved, both morally and emotionally, than either principal character… BUT you’ll wish you weren’t.

It’s great writing from start to finish. Yes, it’s sick; yes, it’s horrifying but Murakami grabs you by the eyeballs and never let’s go. Would I recommend ‘Piercing’? – Hell no! Are you crazy?! It’s as fucked up a novel as I’ve ever read!

I’ll say this – If you’ve a strong stomach, no fear of the darkness within your own heart and want to read something that will trigger an emotional response; this is the book for you.

Just remember – You’ve been warned!


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