October Review: She Who Was No More

by Lee Cross

She Who Was No More by Boileau-Narcejac

I’m going to recommend this book to our Halloween ‘Top Shelf.’ It’s well worth reading, especially if you’re a devotee of the Thriller genre.

she-who-was-no-moreThe story opens with the passionless murder of a woman by her husband and his lover; detailing the events immediately after the crime from the perspective of Fernand Ravinel (the killer).

The plot is pretty straight forward for sure, but it unfolds subtly due to the skill of the writing – so there’s no lack of suspense and it remains engaging throughout.

Fernand’s spiralling psyche and apparent lack of greed was really interesting, certainly the things I enjoyed most above this novel… and the ending is great – deliberate, vicious and savage.

There’s a monster hiding inside this book, what better time than Halloween to let it out.


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