Culture Night Dublin

by Lee Cross

Friday 16th September 2016

Just a quick blog post, aimed specifically at those people in or around Dublin, Ireland…

Culture Night happens to be this very evening (5-11pm), for anyone not familiar with the annual event, it’s accurately sub-titled, “that night when all the museums, art galleries and cool places open their doors FOR FREE!”. Is the official site, there you’ll be able to find a full list of what’s on and where, not only in Dublin but throughout the Republic of Ireland.

As we’re a website devoted to literature and the love of books and thought, I’ll give a shout to the Dublin Writers Museum and the National Library, both of which are open this evening and worth checking out, even if you lived your whole life in Ireland.

Most of the cities book shops are open and hosting events too (seriously check out the website!). I’m going to try and get to a talk in Books Upstairs, about Dublin’s connection with literature, and also stop into Hodges Figgis, who running a series of events aimed at children literature and illustration.

If you happen to be about this evening and at a loose end, totally get yourself out and to a few things. Speaking from experience it’s well worth the effort – even the rain seems to be holding off this year!

(If you do make it out, I’d love to hear about what you did and where – message me here or at – I’d love to hear your stories, so I know what to see next year!)


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