The Lord Of The Rings Board Game

by John Dorney


Game Plot: You are a Hobbit. You are taking the ring to Mordor. You know the drill.

Whilst it’s not the most fashionable and popular of games these days, I have a huge amount of affection for The Lord of the Rings board game, as it was one of the first to open my eyes to a world beyond Monopoly and Cluedo.

A truly seminal title, helping to widely popularize the co-operative genre of Board Games (where players do not compete with each other, but battle together against the game itself), it never entirely feels like you’re actually walking through Middle Earth, but it’s a great entry point. And with the expansions, if you can find them, one of you can be Sauron as well.

Similarity to the book: Reasonable. It follows some of the events of the book in the right order. With enough of you Fatty gets an expanded part, which loses points, but if you succeed the game ends with a massive anti-climax, so some of it’s bang on.

See also: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, The Hobbit, all manner of LotR spin-off games.