Trick to Writing: Inspiration Not Imitation

by Liam Kenney Getting a minor in Creative Writing meant I read a lot other student’s work. While some stories were beautifully crafted narratives with rich, full characters, others were (and I don’t like to use negative words) not. I went to a rather small university (often just eight creative writers in the class). By … Continue reading Trick to Writing: Inspiration Not Imitation

The Screwdriver Effect in Poetry

by Regina Kenney In a college poetry class, I learned about a magnificent poetry mechanism called ‘The Screwdriver.’ Since then, I have Googled the hell out of it trying to find more examples and to learn more about it. The results? Nothing. Nadda. Zip-did-dee-doo have I found about this concept. So either my professor made … Continue reading The Screwdriver Effect in Poetry