Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Board Game

by John Dorney


Game plot: You are one of the Baker Street Irregulars investigating ten baffling crimes – in some cases really baffling due to awkward translations – and trying to do better than Sherlock Holmes in unraveling them. Spoiler: you won’t.

I remember playing the kid’s classic 221b Baker Street, a slightly awkward Cluedo/Clue type roll and move game with some thumpingly easy clues. This is what that game wanted to be.

A (mainly) meticulously detailed game where you search for clues in maps and newspapers and interrogate key witnesses, that’s perhaps got a lot more in common with Choose Your Own Adventure games than a standard board game, but still fab.

Similarity to the book: Strong. While the cases are new, the tone and style is expertly replicated and you really do feel like you’re solving cases.

See also 221b Baker Street for the younger Holmes loving board game enthusiast.