Parade Card Game

by John Dorney


Game Plot: The inhabitants of Wonderland are having a Parade! But they get really awkward if someone else has turned up in the same costume… or something… Look, it’s not a thematic game in the same way as the rest of these. So it doesn’t really have a plot that makes sense. Just go with it.

A deceptively simple card game that starts off innocently enough before ultimately turning into a stab-each-other-in-the-back-fest. Pretty much a pure strategy game, really, and if that’s your thing it’s great for giving a short, punchy game, but one with lots of complex decisions. And it looks gorgeous.

Similarity to the book: None whatsoever. There’s, like, thirteen different Alices, which unless I’ve forgotten a chapter in the ‘Drink me’ area isn’t part of the book. And there’s thirteen versions of everyone else too. It’s just an excuse for a lot of pretty pictures, really.