Jane Austen Matchmakers Card Game

by John Dorney


Game Plot: The various heroines of Jane Austen’s novels are getting married! To each other’s husbands. Or other characters. Or not at all. They’re looking for the best match, so they can’t afford to be choosy, but watch out ladies, if you’re not careful you’ll end up an old maid!

Another card game, this one effectively collates all of Jane Austen’s characters into a hectic battle for who can come out best in society. A fun little filler game, and a perfect riposte for anyone who thinks modern gaming is all about dungeons and monsters. Though if you like the latter, you can play the inspired ‘And Zombies’ expansion to riff on the modern genre of the literary mash-up.

Similarity to the book: Well, it’s like all of them and none of them, really, as it plays like someone’s torn up all the pages of the complete works and put them back together in a random order. But it does effectively feel like the world it’s representing.

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