Featured Artist: Georgia Iacovou


To celebrate Literati Pulp’s February Poetry month, we are featuring British artist Georgia Icaovuo for her piece, Alice.

Alice is a visual art piece that follows the story of a woman going through a ‘typical’ day. Bizarre and even jarring at times, as you scroll through the images and text of this piece you delve into an exploration of memory, technology, and routine.

Read full piece here.

Georgia Icaovuo’s Biography: Georgia Iacovou is not a photographer, but an artist using photography and other reproductive mediums to manifest her ideas. Since graduating from Camberwell, her approach to making has slowly transformed into that of building up collections and indexes. Her Portrait Index, shortlisted for the Title Art Prize, is the collection of black and white portraits of everyone she knows; her video work The Stillness of Death is a series of videos where actors simulate death for the camera. In another ongoing piece, she writes and re-writes a story that she originally wrote on a typewriter as a child. The collection of stories, each limited to a single A4 sheet, grows larger and more varied as she makes attempts at re-writing the original.

Iacovou has self-published a book entitled Modern Living which is available to buy from the South London Gallery Bookshop, and is a current contributor for Novelty Magazine.