Dune Board Game

by John Dorney


Game Plot: Various interstellar groups battle, negotiate and betray each other, all the time with their eye on the main prize.

The sharper-eyed among you may have noticed that the photo accompanying this title is not of the board game Dune, and is instead of a board game called ‘Rex.’

That is because the game of Dune, a classic of its genre, is not currently readily available (due to rights issues? I’m not sure). But what you can get is the same game, reimagined and rethemed to take place in the universe of much-loved board game epic ‘Twilight Imperium’. So it’s based on Dune, just a few steps along.

Similarity to the book: Were you not paying attention? It’s nothing like it at all. It’s called Rex.

See also: Dune. If you can find it.