Blake & Mortimer Witness Board Game

by John Dorney


Game Plot: Four players – no more, no less – try to solve a crime through whispering their incomplete information to each other.

Let’s just be delighted that this game exists. Another co-operative game, it’s sort of like a high-stakes Chinese whispers game that someone decided to set in the world of, of all things, Blake and Mortimer, a Belgian comic book series obscure enough to make Lucky Jim look niche.

Some of the translation work leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s a short, fun game that’s unlike anything else you’ve played (if you can get through the awkwardly specific number of players).

Similarity to the book: Hard to gauge, as I’ve only read one Blake and Mortimer book – The Yellow M – but I’m pretty certain that the eponymous heroes tended not to base deductions on memory tests, and at the very least were nowhere near as incompetent as my family.