October Read: The Dante Club

by Kaley Ingenito Matthew Pearl's The Dante Club is a riveting story that follows a group of literary academics undertaking the arduous task of translating the classic Dante's Inferno from the original Italian into English. The plot thickens when the group slowly begins to realize that a recent slew of murders bears a striking resemblance … Continue reading October Read: The Dante Club


October Read: Coraline

by Regina Kenney Trying to find the right words.... This is a cute, horrifying read. Yup, that's it. Neil Gaiman's Coraline is a dark children's book about a lonely little girl who finds a secret door in her family's new house. She begs her mother for the key and once opened they find that the … Continue reading October Read: Coraline

October Read: We Have Always Lived in The Castle

by Regina Kenney We have put together an 'Ultimate Halloween Bookshelf' consisting of all the books we recommend reading for the creepy month of October. Our writers will be reading horror/gothic/generally spooky books all month and we will update the bookshelf of any more books worthy of the shelf.  Shocked to see that this book hasn't … Continue reading October Read: We Have Always Lived in The Castle

The Pros & Cons of Historical Fiction

by Regina Kenney Ah, Historical Fiction. An oxymoron concept wrapped up in a delicious stretching of the truth, extrapolating, getting the general gist delightful read. I always wonder about the writers of historical fiction. Whether they worry about getting facts right or whether it’s a throw caution to the wind, ‘this is FICTION remember’ and … Continue reading The Pros & Cons of Historical Fiction